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ECOJETS sourcing and booking platform MYPRIVATEJET has become the best solution to offer instant and automated ‘buy now’ for any private aircraft. Previously, the private aircraft industry relied on human interaction at some stage of the quoting and booking process.

This Sourcing integration comes through a new API (Application Programming Interface), linking MYPRIVATEJET to automate the interaction with our members and to deliver a complete instantly online booking, together with an end-to-end process. The private aircraft industry has been slow to adopt online functionality due to its fragmented supply chain and bespoke flight schedules. Our Members have access to a unique platform, that allows them to improve their flexibility, cost, efficacy and lifestyle.

The company offers instant price estimates and followed by confirmed quotes submitted by aircraft operators via its marketplace. This two-stage process create to our members the opportunity; their time to interact with the charter company, and enable the comparison of possible alternatives. Often in minutes and much faster than traditional private jet brokers, it’s a solution that creates value to operators, jet brokers and of course our Members.

However the new API development with a proprietary algorithm joins these two processes, providing instant availability and scheduling. MYPRIVATEJET gives a fast and competitive solution, but more real process that any integration with other suppliers will follow as early adopters move to more advanced scheduling software platforms.

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