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We care about your privacy.
ECOJETS is committed to protecting your privacy and to complying with applicable data protection and privacy laws. Please read this privacy policy (the “Policy”) carefully as it explains how AEV, Inc. (‘”we” or “us”) and our affiliates use your personal information.
This Policy applies where we refer to this Policy and where we process your personal data including:
-On this website;
-When you make an enquiry to us;
-Through your ECOJETS account;
-When you buy and use our products or services;
-Through the ECOJETS apps;
-When we send you offers, deals and news.

If you have any questions about the Policy or do not agree with it, please contact us at before using this website or our products and services.
We may change this Policy from time to time by updating this page. If this Policy is changed in a material way that is likely to adversely affect your privacy, we will post a notice advising you of such change at the beginning of this Policy and on this site’s home page for 30 days. You should check this page from time to time to ensure you are happy with any changes.

Who are we?
We are AEV, Inc. and subsidiaries or affiliates (“ECOJETS”), a company validly organized and existing under the laws of Delaware. Our registered office address is at 1013 Centre Road Suite 403S Wilmington DE 19805, County of New Castle. You can contact us by email at

What Information do we collect and how do we use it?
In general:
You can use our website without giving us any information. However, please bear in mind that we may still record:

the areas of the website that you visit, the duration of your visit, how you entered the website and
information about your device, such as which browser you are using, your network location, the type of connection you are using (e.g. broadband, ADSL etc.).

information about your use of our website if you have visited from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other third party platforms/websites. All data collected is totally anonymous, and is used to create tailored messaging specific to your interests on these platforms/websites.

We gather this information using cookies – see the cookies section below for more information.
We use this information for internal record keeping and to improve our products and services.

Specific data collection:
We collect, or you may give us, specific information about you in the following situations:
On the website
You may choose to provide us with information about yourself when you use the website if you want to contact a boutique, receive our newsletter and update emails, or if you contact us. If you do this, we will use your information only for the purpose for which it was provided. For more detail on our marketing policy, see the Marketing section below.
Device Registration, purchases and interactions
We collect information relating to you and your purchases and use of our products and services and those of our partners and your other interactions with us. Such information may include device registration details, details of the queries or requests you have made, where, when and how they were made, the products and services purchased or provided, delivery details, bank account number, credit card details, billing address, credit checks and other such financial information, details of agreements between you and us, records of contacts and communications, information and details relating to the content you have provided us with and other such transactional information. We may, in accordance with applicable law, record your communications with our customer services operation or with other such contact points including ECOJETS Concierge service and by any channel offered, including but not limited to, telephone, SMS, email or live chat.
This information is required in order to actually deliver our services and administer your account. We may also use this information to improve our products and services.
Some of our apps also require location based information to provide their service. For example, when you make a location-based search, use location-enhanced weather features or request map data, your location data may be sent to us to serve you with the right content. This may also include location-based advertising within the app.
Some location-based services may allow you to associate your personal data with your location. Location-based services and features may use satellite, mobile, WiFi or other network-based positioning methods which may involve exchanging your location data, network identifiers and your unique device identifiers with a location server.
Depending on your positioning settings and your use of location services of other service providers, your device may connect to other service providers’ servers, which are not controlled or operated by us. We recommend you check the privacy policies of such service providers to understand how they process your location data. You can modify the positioning settings of your device from the device settings, for example change or disable positioning methods or location servers or modify the accuracy of your location data.
List rental
We may also obtain, in accordance with applicable law, some personal data from list-rental companies or from publicly available sources. We may use this information to send you marketing materials that you may find interesting. See the ‘General Marketing’ section below for further details on our marketing.

General Marketing
We would like to provide you with information about ECOJETS’s products and services and those offered by its group companies, as well as other information about products and services from our partner and affiliate organizations which we think you may find interesting.
Where you have requested to receive information from us, or if you are a customer of ours or you have previously asked us for information on our products and services, we may send you such information by post, email and/or telephone unless you have asked us not to do so.
Some of the ECOJETS Apps also deliver marketing materials that we believe you may find interesting. If you no longer wish to receive those messages, you should no longer use the relevant app.
We do not provide your personal information to external organizations (i.e. outside of the ECOJETS group) for their own marketing purposes without your explicit consent.
If at any time you do not want your information used for direct marketing purposes please either follow the unsubscribe link in one of our marketing email messages or contact us at

Do we share personal data?
We do not sell, lease, or rent your personal data to third parties. However, we may share such information where we have your consent to do so, or if required by law, court order or by the police or other law enforcement agency.

Your consent and social sharing services
Some services may allow you to share your personal data with other users of the service or with other services and their users. Please consider carefully before disclosing any personal data or other information that might be accessible to other users.

ECOJETS companies and authorized third parties
We may share your personal data with other ECOJETS companies or authorized third parties who process personal data for us for the purposes described in this Policy. This may include, for example, delivery of your purchases, providing services including customer service, managing and analyzing consumer data, credit checks, conducting market research and managing marketing and other such campaigns.
We may conduct joint marketing and other communications with our partners. To avoid duplicate or unnecessary communications and to tailor the message to you, we may need to match information that we have collected with information that the partner has collected where this is permitted by law.
These authorized third parties are not permitted to use your personal data for any other purposes. We require them to act consistently with this Policy and to use appropriate security measures to protect your personal data.

Mergers and Acquisitions
If we decide to sell, buy, merge or otherwise reorganize our businesses in certain countries, this may involve us disclosing personal data to prospective or actual purchasers and their advisers, or receiving personal data from sellers and their advisers.

International transfers of personal data
Our products and services may be provided using resources and servers located in various countries around the world. Therefore, your personal data may be transferred across international borders outside the country where you use our services. In such cases, we take steps to ensure that there is a legal basis for such a transfer and that adequate protection for your personal data is provided as required by applicable law, for example, by using standard agreements approved by relevant authorities (where necessary) and by requiring the use of other appropriate technical and organizational information security measures.

Security: What steps are taken to safeguard your information?
Privacy and security are key considerations in the creation and delivery of our products and services, including our apps and website. We have assigned specific responsibilities to address privacy- and security-related matters. We enforce our internal policies and guidelines through an appropriate selection of activities, including proactive and reactive risk management, security engineering, training and assessments. We take appropriate steps to address online security, physical security, risk of data loss and other such risks taking into consideration the risk represented by the processing and the nature of the data being protected. Also, we limit access to our data bases containing personal data to authorized persons having a justified need to access such information.
If at any point you suspect or become aware of a security incident (i.e. your password is stolen or you receive suspicious communication from someone holding themselves out to be a ECOJETS employee or from a false website claiming to be affiliated with ECOJETS), please forward the communication to us or report the incident by contacting ECOJETS Customer Service.
We keep data for as long as is necessary for the purpose for which we obtained it and in accordance with our data retention policies. Once it is no longer required, your data will be securely destroyed.

What are your rights?
You have a right to know what personal data we hold about you.
You have a right to have incomplete, incorrect, unnecessary or outdated personal data deleted or updated.
You have a right to unsubscribe from marketing messages and to request that we stop processing your personal data for direct marketing or market research purposes. However, if you opt out from receiving marketing and other communications from us and our affiliates and partners, we may still send you critical alerts pertaining to our products and services or contact you for these purposes.

How to get copies of or amend the information we have collected
You may request details of the personal information that we hold about you under data protection laws. If you would like a copy of the information held about you, please write to us at AEV, Inc., at [1013 Centre Road Suite 403S Wilmington DE 19805, County of New Castle or email us at A small fee (up to $20) will be charged for providing copies of personal information.
If you think any information we have about you is incorrect or incomplete, please write to us or email us as soon as possible. We will correct or update any information as soon as we can.
We encourage you to use available profile management tools, such as your ECOJETS Account, which provides you with direct access to your personal data and allows you to effectively manage it.

When you use our website, or when you “Register My Handset” or use our services and apps on your handset, we will know who you are and your activities on this website and information about you and/or your company may be recorded on our systems. We do this using cookies. Cookies also help us to improve your experience of our website and to ensure that it performs as you expect it to.
Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information, which are downloaded to your computer or mobile device by websites that you visit. They can improve your experience of using a website, for example by remembering your preference settings and tracking your use of a website so that it can be improved to meet your needs.
In some instances, websites must now get consent to send cookies to your computer or mobile device.
You can set your cookie preferences when you arrive at our website, or change them at any time by changing the security settings in your web browser.
You can withdraw your consent to our cookies at any time even if you have previously consented. Please do remember that if you do not consent to our analytical and strictly necessary cookies, parts of our website or app, including Live Agent Chat, may not work. For example, you will not be able to watch our videos or you will not be able to log into your ECOJETS Account. For this reason, we will occasionally send you prompts which allow you to consent to a cookie you have previously rejected.
We explain below what cookies we use on our website and apps, why we use them and whether they are strictly necessary or another type of cookie (e.g. “functionality” or “performance” cookies). We also state whether a cookie is a “persistent” or “session” cookie. The difference is that:
Persistent cookies remain on your device between browsing sessions. They are activated each time you visit the website that created that particular cookie. For example, where a “persistent cookie” is used on a website to remember your log-in details, you will not need to enter those details each time you visit that website.
Session cookies allow website operators to link the actions of a user during a browser session. A browser session starts when you open the browser window and finishes when you close the browser window. Session cookies are created temporarily. Once you close the browser, all session cookies are deleted.

Strictly necessary
Strictly necessary cookies are essential to enable you to receive a service on a website. For example, cookies to operate the cookie notification itself, enable log-in functionality or to comply with the law (e.g. such as to keep your information safe). We would not be able to operate our website without using the “strictly necessary” cookies listed below.

Analytics cookies collect information about how visitors use a website, for instance, which pages visitors go to most often and if they get error messages from web pages. These cookies do not collect information that identifies a visitor. Any information collected by these cookies is anonymous. We only use such information to improve our website.

¹These cookies are used to collect anonymous information about how visitors use our site. We use the information to compile analytical reports which help us improve our website. The cookies collect information such as the number of visitors to our website, how they arrived there (e.g. directly from the internet or through linking from another website) and tracking which webpages they visited.

Functionality cookies allow the website to remember choices you make (such as your log in details) and customized preference settings (e.g. text size). They also enable enhanced, more personal features, for example a website may be able to provide you with local weather reports or traffic news by using a cookie to remember which region you are in. These cookies are also used to provide services you have asked for such as watching a video. Information collected by “functionality” cookies may or may not be anonymized, but they cannot track your browsing activity on other websites. The “functionality” cookies on our website only collect anonymous information.

These cookies collect information about your browsing habits to make advertising relevant to you and your interests. These cookies collect the most information about users.

  • Legal Notices
  • we allow multiple sections in one slot identify by content asset id and customize by customattribute filling all necessary classes Classes can further by customized with client side JS the body tag used for any localizable content

    Please read these Terms carefully – they set out the basis on which you are allowed to use and sites linked to owned by Us, or Our affiliates (the “Site”). If you have any questions about the Terms or do not accept them, please contact us at before using the Site. These Terms may be incorporated into other activities that take place on this Site, such as the use of your user accounts.
    1. Who are we?
    We are AEV,Inc, a corporation organized under the laws of Delaware, having its registered office address 1013 Centre Road Suite 403S Wilmington DE 19805, County of New Castle and its subsidiaries or affiliates (“ECOJETS”) (“we”) or (“us”) . You can contact us by email at We are a manufacturer and retailer of mobile phones and complementary services.
    2. Modifications to this Site and these Terms
    We may change the Terms from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure you are happy with any changes.
    We may change, modify or withdraw access to this Site and/or any content, products and/or services on this Site at any time, with or without prior notice.
    3. Permitted Use
    This Site and its contents are protected by intellectual property rights, and either belong to us or are licensed to us to use. You may not copy or use them without our consent in writing except as stated in the rest of this Section 3 (Permitted Use).
    The use of this Site and the Site content is permitted for private, non-commercial use only. The use in press releases and other documents classified as public is permitted if the source for the information has been stated. You may electronically copy, share and print in hard copy any Site content for these permitted purposes, provided that:
    no content is modified in any way;
    no graphics are used separately from accompanying text;
    our copyright and trade mark notices appear in all copies and you acknowledge Site as the source of the material; and
    the person to whom you are providing these materials is made aware of these restrictions; and
    you make any copies only in accordance with the Terms.
    Individual pages accessed via the Site may be subject to additional restrictions as stated on such pages. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse your use of this Site and to prevent or restrict access by you immediately and without prior notice if we believe that your conduct violates these Terms.
    4. Personal information
    You do not need to provide us with any information in order to use the Site, although you may choose to do so if you want to contact a boutique, receive our newsletter and update emails, or if you contact us. If you do provide us with any personal information about yourself, we will treat this in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy.
    5. Limitation of Liability
    We cannot guarantee that this Site will be:
    compatible with all or any hardware and software which you may use;
    available all the time or at any specific time; or
    accurate and up to date.
    The information on this Site is given for general information and interest purposes only and you should not rely on it. We recommend that you take further advice or seek further guidance before taking any action based on the information contained on this Site
    We are not liable to you for any losses which you suffer as a result of our breach of these Terms.
    We are not responsible to you for any business losses that you may incur, including but not limited to lost data, lost profits or business interruption.
    You may have other rights granted by law, and these Terms do not affect these except if the two are inconsistent. If this is the case, then these Terms will override any other rights which you may have, unless this is not permitted by law.
    6. Links / no endorsements
    The Site may include links to other websites on the Internet that are owned or operated by third parties. We will try and make it as clear as possible that you are leaving our Site when we link to third party websites. We are not responsible for any third party websites in any way and do not endorse them. You should check their terms of use and privacy policy when you visit them.
    We do not permit any third-party sites to include any Internet address incorporating the ECOJETS name and brand or include Web Pages and meta tags other than with our prior written authorization or using our sharing functionality with certain social media organizations.
    You may not link to this Site from another website without our consent in writing or unless you use our tools for sharing with certain social media sites, unless you:

    -link only to the homepage of the website at;
    -don’t create frames or any other border around the Site;
    -comply with all relevant laws and regulations on the website or platform you are linking from;
    -ensure that the website you are linking from is not in any way illegal; and
    -don’t imply that we endorse or are associated with your (or any other) website, product or service.

    7. Our Contract
    These Terms deal with your access to this Site. If you make a contract with a third party who is named or referred to on this Site, you should make sure that you are happy with the terms of that contract and take legal advice if necessary. Please note that we may not necessarily keep a copy of these Terms, so we advise you to print a copy of them for your information in the future. English will be the prevailing language for our contract and all communications between us.

    8. Customer Service
    If you have any questions about the products and/or services or need assistance with the products and/or services, please contact us at

    9. Disputes
    If you have any complaint about us or this Site, you should contact us at and we will try and resolve it as soon as possible. If we have a dispute regarding your use of the Site or these Terms, the courts will use New York law to determine that dispute.

    Version: June 2017

  • Legal Notices
    Please read these User Account Terms carefully before selecting the box to accept them.
    These User Account Terms and the Site Terms set out the basis on which you are allowed to register and use your account, an area which you access by entering your unique user-name and password (your “Account”) at the log-in page within (the “Site”) and which gives access to additional functionality to that found on the public areas of the Site.
    1. Who are we?
    We are AEV, Inc and subsidiaries or affiliates (“ECOJETS”) (“we”) or (“us”), a Delaware corporation, having its registered office address at 1013 Centre Road Suite 403S Wilmington DE 19805, County of New Castle. You can contact us by email at
    2. These User Account Terms
    You also need to select the box to accept these User Account Terms. No access will be permitted unless these User Account Terms are accepted.
    When you create an Account, you will be asked for certain information about you and/or your company. You may provide further information about yourself when you use your Account, e.g. ordering products, submitting material. We will treat all your personal information in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy.
    We may change these User Account Terms from time to time by updating this page so you should check back every so often to see if they have changed. Your continued use of your Account after any change is made means you accept the changes to these Terms.
    We may withdraw access to your Account or the Site if you breach these User Account Terms or the Site Terms.
    3. Other terms and conditions
    The Site Terms also apply to your use of your Account in the same way that they apply to your use of the Site. You should also read those before accepting these User Account Terms.
    Other terms and conditions may apply to certain activities that you can carry out within your Account. For example, purchases will be governed by our online terms and conditions of purchase. We will make it clear when other terms apply.
    4. Passwords and security
    You need to make sure that you keep your username and password secure and confidential. You will be responsible for all activity, instructions and purchases on or through your Account, whether you have permitted such use or not (but not where such activity occur as a result of security breaches or our failure to comply with these User Account Terms).
    When you access your Account through the Site, we offer the use of a secure server. The secure server software (SSL) encrypts all information you input before it is sent to us. We follow security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information that you have given us, to prevent unauthorized access.
    5. Usage not permitted
    You must not:
    introduce any virus or other harmful code into your Account or into any files you upload to your Account;
    upload or submit any material, drawings, images, consent or information which infringes the intellectual property rights of any third party, is in breach of any applicable law, regulation, direction or code of practice, is defamatory, illegal, pornographic or offensive;
    misuse your Account or the Site (including without limitation by hacking), access or seek to access any part of the Site which is not made available to you or attempt to circumvent the Site’s, or your Account’s or any other accounts’ security.
    6. Submitted material
    If you submit any material, in addition to the restrictions listed in section 5 above, you promise that you own that material or have the unlimited right to provide it to us.
    We may copy, publish and/or use it, or any part of it, on its own or in combination with other material or ideas or modify it free of charge, unconditionally and without owing any payment to you.
    You agree not to take action against us in relation to material that you submit and you agree to indemnify us if any third party takes action against us in relation to the material you submit.
    We do not and cannot review the content posted and submitted by you on this Site and we are not responsible for such content. We may at any time, at our sole discretion, remove any content posted by you.
    This section does not apply to any personal information submitted by you that identifies you. This will be processed only as provided in our Privacy & Cookie Policy.
    Version: June 2017

  • Legal Notices

    These ECOJETS Concierge Service Terms (“ECOJETS Concierge Terms”) are additional conditions to the ECOJETS Privacy and Cookie Policy and the others terms and conditions included in this website (collectively “Terms”) and govern the use of the ECOJETS Concierge Service (“Service”) and constitute an agreement between you and ECOJETS defining the rights and responsibilities of you and ECOJETS including its affiliates and suppliers (collectively “ECOJETS”) with respect to the Service.
    If there is any conflict between these ECOJETS Concierge Terms and the other terms included in this website, the provisions of these ECOJETS Concierge Terms shall prevail over the inconsistent part when using the Service.
    Please read these ECOJETS Concierge Terms and any documents linked to these ECOJETS Concierge Terms carefully.
    A copy of these ECOJETS Concierge Terms and all other documents which apply to your purchase of your ECOJETS product and the Service are available for you to read on the ECOJETS website.

    The Service

    As a registered member of the Service provided by the ECOJETS concierge (herein “ECOJETS Concierge”), you are entitled to benefit from the Service and may use the Service under one of the following subscriptions: (i) Standard Complimentary Subscription: by becoming a member of ECOJETS, ECOJETS may grant you a subscription for a pre-determined duration to the Service, subject to the availability of the Services in certain locations. This subscription is not exchangeable for cash or other benefits. This subscription entitles you to the standard Service as described in Section 3 below;
    (ii) Standard Subscription: a paid standard subscription to the Service for a pre-determined duration as described in Section 3 below;
    (iii) Ultimate Subscription: a paid subscription to the Service for a pre-determined duration as described in Section 3 below.
    By using the Service within the parameters set out above, you will not incur any additional charges from ECOJETS, but please note that you are obliged to pay for any goods and/or services procured via the Service. You will be advised of such costs at the time of making the relevant Concierge request.
    You may only use the Service during your period of subscription which begins: (i) in the case of Standard Complimentary Subscriptions, on the date you become a member of ECOJETS; or
    (ii) in the case of Standard Subscriptions and Ultimate Subscriptions, on the date of the purchase of the relevant Service (whether by way of upgrade or renewal)
    (the “Service Use Period”).

    Payment for subscriptions must be made in advance of renewal or upgrade, as applicable, and may be made using any major credit/debit or charge card or bank transfer to ECOJETS. In the case of renewals, you will be contacted directly to renew your subscription over the telephone and where you elect not to renew your subscription shall lapse. Subscription fee rates will be notified to you from time to time and the subscription fee payable will be the subscription fee in force at the time of the renewal or upgrade date.

    In the provision of the Service, the ECOJETS Concierge may use third party suppliers the identity of which may change from time to time (“Third Parties”). Third Parties may impose their own terms and conditions in relation to the goods and services they provide. You are required to comply with these third party terms at all times. While ECOJETS uses reasonable care to ensure the high quality of Service provided by ECOJETS Concierge and Third Parties, you acknowledge that ECOJETS is not responsible for any services or products provided by Third Parties.
    Some Third Parties may charge you a deposit, entry fee or other sum for the goods or services they provide pursuant to your instructions. You will be solely liable for payment of any such sums. At your request, ECOJETS may pass on your credit card and any other essential booking details to Third Parties and may authorize them to debit your nominated credit/debit or charge card in order for you to purchase goods or take advantage of their services. You hereby consent to ECOJETS and the ECOJETS Concierge passing on such details to deal with your orders, undertake that all details you provide to ECOJETS and the ECOJETS Concierge for the purpose of booking, ordering or purchasing goods or services are correct, that the credit/debit card you are using is your own and that there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of the goods or services. You must inform the ECOJETS Concierge as soon as possible of any changes to the details supplied by you. From time to time, the procurement or provision of certain Third Party goods or services may incur a ECOJETS Concierge handling charge of which you will be notified. In such cases, you hereby authorize ECOJETS to debit your nominated credit/debit or charge card with any such handling charges. Unless otherwise agreed by the Third Party, you shall not be entitled to cancel any goods or services requested where, on your instructions, performance has already begun.
    The provision of the Service is at all times subject to the geographical or other availability of the Service. ECOJETS aims to ensure that the Service remains available at all times and will use its reasonable endeavors to ensure that this is the case. If any of the Third Party provided services become unavailable, ECOJETS will make reasonable endeavors to ensure that prior commitments are honored to the extent possible. ECOJETS shall not be held liable if it is unable to do so and it shall, in any event, not be held responsible for any actions of Third Parties outside ECOJETS’s reasonable control. ECOJETS reserves the right to withdraw any part or element of the Service offered and/or to refuse to supply any part or element of Service requested.

    3. Service Entitlement and Permitted Use

    Entitlement to and use of the Service is strictly tied to your ECOJETS membership and, as such, it is personal to the member. The Service is not transferrable in any manner to another person or third party without the express prior written permission of ECOJETS (save that it may be used by an Authorized Person, as defined herein). For the purpose of this clause 3.1, Authorized Persons shall mean a member of your immediate family (that is, your spouse or one of your children) and/or your personal assistant, provided that you have advised ECOJETS of their identities in advance. In the event that you cease to be an ECOJETS member or deregister as user of the Service during the Service Use Period of a Standard Complimentary Subscription, your entitlement to the Service shall terminate.
    The user of the Service, being either you or an Authorized Person, must be over 18 years old or meet such other minimum age requirement applicable in the country in which the Service is used. Any derogation from the foregoing shall be subject to ECOJETS’s discretion.
    You may use the Service to provide you with help in order to support your lifestyle provided that the requests are legal and ethical. Examples of personal lifestyle related requests include, but are not limited to, the sourcing and booking of event tickets, flights, hotels, gifts etc. The Service should not be used for any business purposes. Further, the Service cannot recommend or be involved in requests regarding emergency medical or legal assistance.
    You shall use your best endeavors to provide the ECOJETS Concierge true, accurate, and complete information when making a ECOJETS Concierge request and you must notify the ECOJETS Concierge as soon as possible should any changes arise in respect of any of the information provided.
    You must not impersonate any other person or entity or to use a false name which you are not authorized to use. You agree that when dealing with the ECOJETS Concierge as part of your use of the Service, you will conduct yourself in a respectful, ethical and professional manner.

    Your permitted usage allowance of ECOJETS’s (i) Standard Complimentary Subscription and (ii) Standard Subscription (as each of these terms is defined in clause 2 above) is as follows:
    (a) Permitted usage: twenty (20) ECOJETS Concierge requests under the Service during any calendar month (“Permitted Usage”);
    (b) However, you may at ECOJETS’s discretion, exceed the Permitted Usage by ten (10) ECOJETS Concierge requests during any calendar month (so that you are able to make a maximum of thirty (30) ECOJETS Concierge requests under the Service in a calendar month) up to 3 times during your Standard Complimentary Subscription period or each of your Standard Subscription periods (the “Maximum Use Entitlement Restriction”).
    In the event that in any calendar month during your Standard Complimentary Subscription or Standard Subscription you have underused the Service by making less ECOJETS Concierge requests than the number of Permitted Usage, you may, at ECOJETS’s discretion, roll over the unused ECOJETS Concierge requests to the subsequent calendar month provided that: (a) where rolled-over unused requests are not used during the subsequent calendar month they shall expire; and
    (b) no more than 10 ECOJETS Concierge requests are rolled over.
    For the avoidance of doubt, where you have rolled over unused ECOJETS Concierge requests pursuant to the paragraph above and this has resulted in your exceeding the Permitted Usage in any particular calendar month, ECOJETS may at its discretion, agree not to take such excess into account in the Maximum Use Entitlement Restriction referred to above.
    ECOJETS’s Ultimate Subscription (as defined above) entitles you to a bespoke concierge service defined to your lifestyle needs.
    You may at any time upgrade a Standard Complimentary Subscription or Standard Subscription to an Ultimate Subscription by contacting ECOJETS Concierge, who will process your payment for and activate the upgrade with effect from the date of activation.

    Renewal of the Service
    To renew the Service, you will need to contact your ECOJETS Concierge and renew over the telephone.
    Following your renewal, ECOJETS will send you, as soon as possible, an email to the email address you have provided to us confirming receipt of your renewal, your renewal order number and personal details (“Confirmatory Email”).
    For the avoidance of doubt, nothing herein shall oblige ECOJETS to accept renewal requests, which shall at all times remain at ECOJETS’s discretion.

    Cancellations of Renewed or Upgraded Subscriptions
    You may cancel your subscription for the Service 14 days in advance of your desired Service termination date or Service renewal date.
    To exercise your right of cancellation, you must inform ECOJETS in writing of your decision to cancel the subscription by a clear statement (e.g. a letter sent by recorded post or via email). We will acknowledge receipt of such a cancellation by email without within a reasonable time from receipt of your cancellation notice.
    If you send us a notice of cancellation by post please keep your proof of postage.
    If you decide to cancel your subscription, we will reimburse you for all payments which we have received from you in relation to your subscription, less the proportionate (pro-rated) cost of any days during which you have used the Service prior to cancellation. We will make the reimbursement without undue delay, and no later than 14 days after the day we receive your notice of cancellation.
    We will make the reimbursement using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise; in any event, you will not incur any fees as a result of the reimbursement.

    ECOJETS reserves the unfettered right, at its own discretion, to cancel or suspend your Service subscription for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to i) non-payment of charges properly incurred, ii) verbal and/or written communications of an obscene or threatening nature towards ECOJETS and its employees or subcontractors or iii) making any public comment about ECOJETS or the Service which is disparaging in any way. In the event that ECOJETS cancels your subscription, it shall refund the balance of any paid annual subscription fee, on a pro-rated time basis in respect of the unexpired period to which the annual subscription fee applies. No refund is available in respect of a cancelled Complimentary Standard Service.

    Your Contract
    Any contract you enter via or pursuant to your use of the Service for the purchase of goods or services is made directly with the relevant Third Party only. The relevant Third Party shall be responsible for providing you with the goods and services you select and you are responsible for the payment of any ordered goods or services as directed by such Third Party. Unless expressly provided otherwise, all your rights and remedies are against the Third Party. ECOJETS at its discretion may use its reasonable efforts to assist you in any dealings you have with the Third Party. Notwithstanding the foregoing, ECOJETS assumes no liability for any loss, damage or costs arising from your incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate requests or instructions or any other act or omission on your part.
    The purchase price of all products and/or services obtained or procured via your use of the Service is due for payment by you upon acceptance of your order by ECOJETS and/or a Third Party, as applicable.
    You must advise the ECOJETS Concierge of any desired time of delivery or performance for the product or service ordered through ECOJETS Concierge at the time of making your order. Delivery or performance of most Services require a reasonable delivery time. If delivery or performance will take longer than the time set out (or the product or services are unavailable), the Third Party (or ECOJETS acting for the Third Party) will notify you of this at the earliest opportunity and you will have the right to withdraw your order and receive a full refund. ECOJETS shall not be liable to you or be deemed to be in breach of any of its obligations hereunder due to reasons beyond ECOJETS’s reasonable control.

    Your communications with ECOJETS Concierge (including but not limited to telephone calls, emails, SMS, Live chat) may be recorded and stored as proof of transaction, or for our training and quality assurance purposes, as well as to ensure customer satisfaction. Furthermore, under certain jurisdictions, local authorities may require us to record such communications and/or to make such recorded communications available to such local authorities. By communicating with ECOJETS Concierge, you are deemed to have accepted and approved the recording and storing of your communication, as well as making such a recording available to referred authorities when necessary.
    These ECOJETS Concierge Terms contain the entire agreement between the parties in relation to the Service and supersede any prior arrangement, understanding written or oral agreements between the parties in relation to their subject matter.
    No purported alteration or variation of these ECOJETS Concierge Terms shall be effective unless it is in writing, refers specifically to these ECOJETS Concierge Terms and is signed by ECOJETS’s authorized representative. We may amend these ECOJETS Concierge Terms from time to time. In these circumstances, we will notify you by email explaining the changes we are making not less than 4 weeks before the changes become effective. A copy of the latest version of the ECOJETS Concierge Terms can be found on the ECOJETS website or is available on request from us.
    These ECOJETS Concierge Terms and any issues, disputes or claims arising out of or in connection with them (whether contractual or non-contractual in nature such as claims in tort, from breach of statute or regulation or otherwise) shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, New York law. All disputes or claims arising out of or relating to your use of the Service and/or these ECOJETS Concierge Terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Federal Courts of the United States of America or the Courts of the State of New York, in each case, located in the city of New York.

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