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At ECOJETS, the privacy, comfort and security of our clients is our priority and we are committed to ensuring all of our client’s safety aboard.

Before allowing any aircraft operator to be part of our global network, we ensure that they have taken part in our rigorous processes and range of measures to meet our standards and earn their stripes.

There is a broad criteria that the new operator must adhere to before they can join our network. Key among these is a consistent customer service for VIPs and their safety. We also ensure that we conduct a thorough background check of the aircrafts that will be joining the fleet, the company’s insurance, background checks on members of the crew and also the aircraft’s airworthiness certificates. We leave no stone unturned.

To make sure that you’re in the safest hands, we will share the documents of the registered aircraft operators as proof of having met the safety standards before you book your flight.

We understand that there are many aspects of flight safety. Adequate training of the flight crew including the pilot, applicable experience and a well-maintained and equipped private jet are all vital to flight safety. To guarantee each of these aspects is met, we have put together a thorough process that ensures that all the operators and their crews are compliant and share our concern for your safety while flying so you have peace of mind.


Every national aviation authority in every country has been mandated with the duty of making sure that any private jet charter aircraft operator is competent enough to guarantee safe operation of commercial flights. For this, all potential private jet charter flight operators are required by law to complete a very comprehensive testing process.

After you have completed the tests satisfactorily, the Air Carrier Operating Certificate will be awarded as proof of having met all the requirements and passing the test.

For the ACOC certificate to be awarded, there are a number of areas which have to be assessed including crew training, the safety policies of the company, competence of the organization and the management, flight planning, aircraft loading, fuel planning and aircraft maintenance. The requirements for each area of assessment depend on the country that you intend to be operating in.  For any operator to be issued with an ACOC, the waiting period may take up to 2 years. Due to the extensive nature of this process, most budding companies and start-ups are not able to meet the standards and their license application to fly passengers is declined.

To work with ECOJETS you have to be an approved operator with a valid ACOC certification as proof.


Safety is critical in the aviation industry and there are ways which an aircraft operator can use to hold and promote a rating which is relative to their commitment to safety. In parts of Europe and in the USA, there are independent aviation-auditing agencies that audit aircraft operators. Even though the accreditations offered by such firms are optional, they are an indication of the operator’s dedication to safety.

ARGUS and Wyvern are the industry leaders in aircraft safety auditing.

Using an evaluation system known as CHEQ (Charter Evaluation and Qualification) ARGUS (Aviation Research Group US) is able to compare the charter operator’s safety history, the crew and the aircrafts with the set industry standards. Depending on the results of the audit, the aircraft operator can be rated Gold, Gold Plus, Platinum, but if they don’t meet the standards, they can also be rated ‘Does Not Qualify.’

With its PASS (Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey) program, Wyvern uses different points of data that include the training of the maintenance personnel and the pilot and background checks to give different standards to the operator. These include ‘Registered’ which is the entry level or the advanced level better known as ‘Wingman.’

For any operator to work with ECOJETS, they have to be approved and have a safety rating from ARGUS & WYVERN.


It is not enough that we ensure all of our operators meet the stringent safety standards that have been set. We also go out of our way to verify and conduct our own checks before we can welcome any operator to our team.

We rely on different reliable sources like the SKYbrary which is an electronic backup for details regarding safety of flight operations and the ATM (Air Traffic Management) which also offer in-depth information of the safety of aviation generally. We can also use these portals to access safety data that is available on other aviation organizations.

There are a number of organizations that are responsible for SKYbrary, the main one being EUROCONTROL. The others are the Flight Safety Foundation, the International Civil Aviation Organization, the European Strategic Safety Initiative and the UK Flight Safety Committee. There is also the SKYbrary Supervisory Board that was established in 2014 by the EUROCONTROL. The heads of the two organizations are also responsible for co-chairing the board.

To even out the playing field, the aviation business community is also well represented by NATA (National Air Transport Association). It is the job of this association to represent the aviation world to the congress, local, state and federal governments. NATA represents more than 2,300 companies who play a critical role offering different types of services to the Military, general aviation and in airlines. The members range from large multi-national aviation companies to single location general aviation operators. NATA’s membership is mainly comprised of small companies most of them boasting of less than 40 employees which are also recognized and regarded as small businesses by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

For the charter, business and fractional ownership industry to offer the best and most advanced safety features to the public, the Air Charter Safety Foundation which is mandated with leading and supporting the best safety standards, has to provide impartial information about the recent trends and standards in safety.

For the business aviation safety standards, there are a number of priorities that have been highlighted by the NBAA Safety Committee as the Top Safety Focus Areas for 2017 by the Association. These priorities have been put in place to promote discussion of enhancing safety initiatives in owner flown operations and flight departments. The areas of focus have been divided into two – Foundations for safety and Top Safety Issues.

Being able to offer a consistent VIP customer service standard and safety are the basis of our criteria. Our own knowledge and expertise in the industry form the basis of our process. The process includes inspection of the aircrafts, background checks on the crew, a complete vetting of the insurances of the company and aircraft airworthiness certificates.

While booking your flight, ECOJETS will share the documents of registered aircraft operators as proof of their safety requirements and to offer you peace of mind knowing that you’re in the best hands with regards to safety.

There are a lot of aspects that contribute to flight safety. These include proper equipment, and adequate maintenance of the aircraft as well as the training and experience of the pilot. ECOJETS ensures that you fly with operators that have been accredited and crew that has undergone our rigorous checks and balances to ensure the aircraft is safe.

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